Menu Mango Mango


  • tempura pieces of red snapper in Japanese-Vietnamese style and tossed with green pepper, garlic and sesame seeds

  • mini sweet potato tortillas layered with shredded duck’s tender, feta cheese, and fresh basil leaf

  • calamari rings tempura battered, quickly tossed with onion, red pepper rings, garlic, butter, and sesame seeds

  • tuna rolls in layered of seaweed nori and rice paper served crispy and topped with a passion fruit-mint yogurt sauce

  • family recipe crispy rolls with shrimp, pork, and taro root served with herbs, pickles, and sweet & sour dipping sauce (vegetarian available)

  • shrimp mousse seasoned with fresh herbs and spices in wonton skins fried and served with caramelized tamarind

  • mini sweet potato tortillas topped with roasted red pepper -tomato sauce, mashed legume and roasted organic Ly Son garlic

  • morning glory, basil, and tomato topped with marinated anchovy in olive oil and herbs with balsamic dressing

  • bowl of vermicelli noodle topped with crispy rolls, grilled pork, mango, and fresh herbs, with fish sauce and crushed peanuts

  • mixed green, watermelon, orange wedges, and apples topped with grilled duck tenders in balsamic orange dressing

  • mixed greens, sprout, herbs, and julienne green mango topped with thin slices of fish filet in lime vinaigrette dressing

  • julienne green papaya salad with grilled prawns, fresh herbs, roasted peanuts in sweet & sour dressing


  • chicken breast stuffed with homemade Asian pesto grilled and served with smoked tomato red bell pepper sauce

  • red snapper filet encrusted with cashew nuts, coriander seeds, roasted pepper grilled with a zesty pineapple salsa

  • giant prawns grilled in a delectable white wine-passion fruits butter-garlic sauce with a touch of bitter chocolate

  • duck confit in Asian 5-spices cooked to tender with cashew nuts, apple, raisin and rosemary, with sweet potato pancake

  • giant prawns caramelized in lemongrass, ginger, garlic, onion tamarind

  • seasonal vegetables sautéed with garlic and fresh herbs, served with grilled eggplant, feta cheese and tamarind sauce

  • fried jasmine rice in mixed vegetables and organic egg with choice of: chicken, beef, shrimps, pork or tofu

  • thick rice noodle with smoked tomato sauce, calamari, large prawn, parmesan and roasted organic Ly Son garlic

  • deboned pork chop in lemongrass, spices, shallots, roasted black pepper, in a ginger-orange-balsamic glaze

  • pan-seared tuna steak seasoned in a house-blends with sesame seeds served with flambé vegetables & a twist of lime