Menu Mango Rooms


  • famous Vietnamese noodle soup with choice: Beef or Duck

  • tuna thin slices in lime juice, crispy ginger, olive oil

  • family recipe crispy rolls with pork & shrimp served with sweet and sour fish dipping sauce

  • seasonal vegetables tempura w/ orange-mango -mint sauce

  • 5 spices marinated beef stuffed in variety of seasonal vegetables; grilled and served with a twist of lime

  • in-house creation of fresh spring rolls with shrimp & mango served with peanut sauce

  • slices of baguette layered with shrimp mousse served with a delectable mango coconut curry

  • calamari tempura served with spicy smoked tomato sauce

  • crispy taco filled with choice of: duck’s tender, fish or prawn


  • fresh greens, herbs, and mustard sprouts, orange slices, watermelon topped with seared tuna orange-ginger-soy

  • fresh greens, herbs, onion, ginger along with seasonal fruits topped with tofu and drizzled with mango orange vinaigrette

  • morning glory topped with choice of: 5 spice duck tenders; or marinated anchovy with olive oil & herbs in balsamic dressing

  • julienne green papaya, herbs, onion and pineapple topped with grilled shrimps and served with special mango dressing

  • lettuce, tomato, onion, julienne carrots, sweet basil, mustard sprouts with grilled beef slices in passion orange mint sauce

  • fresh greens, herbs, strips of mango, and vermicelli topped with grilled chicken breast served with zesty soy-lime sauce


  • thick rice local noodles pan-fried, with garlic, onion, sweet basil, tomato sauce, and choice of : beef, chicken or shrimp

  • red snapper fillet seasoned in ginger, onion and roasted pepper, pan-seared with a zesty mango-tomato-garlic sauce

  • duck breast marinated in five spices – galanga- shallot and soy pan seared crispy served with coconut sticky rice

  • bite-size beef tender seasoned with garlic, pepper, soy and cumin, flame-broiled with Cuban rum with mango salsa

  • chicken breast with lemongrass, garlic and a touch of curry, pan-seared with mild spicy onion-pineapple-tomato sauce

  • ginger and garlic-marinated prawns wrapped in tender slices of beef, pan-fried, served with a mild spicy butter-soy-garlic

  • giant prawns seasoned with special in-house blend of spices-infused oil, topped with a twist of lemon-rum-butter

  • cubes of tofu seasoned in curry, lemongrass, and black pepper pan-fried topped with garlic-tomato-sweet basil

  • daily specials and mango’s signatures, which your server will inform you of the details


  • banana flambé sugar served with coconut sauce

  • combination platter of freshest seasonal fruits

  • vanilla, chocolate, mango, hazelnut, cookie, passionfruit, coconut

  • chocolate & fruits in wonton skins fried with coconut butter

  • sweet coconut sticky rice and fresh mango