Mango Bars

Mango Mango has 3 Bars. 1 for juice, 1 for booze and one only for you, if you wish.

The first bar we opened was the Whale Spirit Bar, a long bar stocked with all types of liquors, bottles of craft beer and ciders, and draft beer from Pasteur Street Brewing out of Ho Chi Minh City. We decorated this bar with the Whale Spirit eye because it protects us all in the sea of chaos.

The next bar we built is the private bar on our third floor, which has a lounge area, a piano, and private balconies on three sides of the building, each with excellent views. We can accommodate whatever you’d like at this bar—perhaps even a custom cocktail or mocktail. Please head to our Events and Parties page to schedule something special.

Our most recent custom bar is the half-boat-shaped juice bar in’s original main level space. Our chef studied engineering in university and loves to work with local materials and artisans to bring his ideas to life. He had the idea for this bar to represent the fishing village of Hoi An’s roots and, well, simply made it happen. It is also adorned with the Whale Spirit eye. Sitting on the main level terrace with a fresh tropical juice from this bar is a great way to start the day.